This training is normally delivered to my one on one clients for $5,000 in a Marketing consultation. 
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NOV. 26, 2022 
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 Increase your monthly sales potential by thousands of dollars in as little as 24 hours making one minor adjustment to your sales model. 
 Enhance your efficiency learn easy to apply techniques than will immediately double your business' sales performance. Small things such as knowing your customers and getting clear in your messaging on how your products & services can solve their problems can have your target audience lined up and waiting to pay for your help.
 Learn a no-nonsense approach to creating products and services so, you can meet the needs of your customer as their needs evolve. Being reliable and ahead of the curve will always ensure the customers are trying to find you.
 Pick up vital skills such as social media marketing, drop-shipping and affiliate marketing. Learn to build a passive income arsenal, so you can make money daily even without directly providing a service to your clients. Which means more money and fewer problems. If money can solve it... it's not a problem.
 BONUS NUMBER 1 ! ​You will earn where to find content that you can rebrand as your own. As stated in the e-book title. I will show you how to write a book and build your credibility as an authority even if you don't like or know how to write. Which means you can pull in the clients without feeling like you need to pull the weight of the world to get them. $997 Value!
 BONUS NUMBER 2 ! You will get access critical information that the most popular coaches reserve for the Masterclasses where they charge over 10K for people to attend in a 30-minute NO HOLDS BARRED Q&A session on marketing and sales. $4997 Value!
 BONUS NUMBER 3​ ! Outsource your work overseas for a fraction of the cost. So, you can get quality work while saving time and money. This frees up your time and resources so you can invest in your personal development. 50% off your first month Virtual assistant via $397 Value! 
 OVER $6,000 in value to help you effortlessly present your e-books, products, and services to your market in an effective and efficient way. So, you can finally enjoy the vision of entrepreneurship you held long ago, freedom and abundance!
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